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Why we are Sick of Plastic! - Claudia Tormey, Friends of the Earth

August 19, 2019

Episode 10 is here already! This one specifically looks at plastic and I talk to Claudia Tormey about it. Claudia works for Friends of the Earth and runs their #SickOfPlastic campaign. Have a listen to learn about:

  • How and why Claudia came to work for FOE.
  • Who are Friends of the Earth & what do they do?
  • Why plastic is such a problem.
  • Fracking & drilling for oils in Ireland.
  • The LNG terminals (take action here!).
  • How to Shop and Drop.
  • What's been happening to our waste.
  • Advice on how keep it together as an environmental activist.

Take action by signing their Sick of Plastic campaign petition here!

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