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Researching Sustainable Eating - Simone Tiso

July 8, 2019

In episode 6 we talk to Simone Tiso, a multi-talented human, who takes the time to share some of the research he's built up over the years on sustainable eating.

We cover:

  • Simone's background in Italy.
  • How he came to live in Ireland.
  • The differences he noticed in sustainability between here and Italy.
  • What The Lead Forge is and why he set it up.
  • How relying on dairy and beef in Ireland is affecting us.
  • A brief look at Factory Farming in Ireland.
  • The Almond tree problem in California.
  • How Positively Eventful came about.
  • Basic tips for becoming or eating vegan.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

IPCC Intergovernmental Governmental Panel on Climate Change Report

World Watch report on Livestock and Climate Change (On the Longshadow of Livestock report by the UN FAO)


Businesses Mentioned:


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