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Consumer Culture & Decluttering - Emma Gleeson

October 14, 2019

Emma Gleeson is a professional declutterer with a background in fashion. The research she did into the psychology of consuming things makes this episode an interesting one! We chatted about a whole host if things including:

  • How Emma came to work as a sustainable advocate.
  • The psychology behind why we buy things and why it makes us feel good.
  • How Emma's approach to decluttering works.
  • Where things should go when you're letting go of them.
  • Why we find it hard to part with some "sticky" items.
  • Dealing with stuff on specific holidays.
  • Organizing your children's toys.
  • Decluttering your wardrobe.
  • Tips for your mental health while decluttering.

Charities & Businesses Mentioned:

Information Resources Mentioned:

  1. Zygmunt Bauman - Liquid Modernity.
  2. Hedonic Treadmill.
  3. Alain de Botton - Status Anxiety (Book).
  4. Naomi Klein - No Logo (Book).
  5. Lucy Siegle - To Die For (Book).
  6. Kate Fletcher - Sustainable Fashion Researcher & Writer (Local Wisdom Project).


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