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BiaHero & Grow Your Own Food - Sineád, XR

May 4, 2020

For episode 25, I chatted to Sinéad Renu Sheehan from Extinction Rebellion about a new campaign called BiaHero. This community led campaign encourages people to start growing their own food at home and provides a support network for all your questions via a group on Facebook.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • (02:20) The definition of food security. 
  • (06:00) Why BiaHero started and the importance of it in regards to food security.
  • (11:10) Where to start when it comes to growing your own food: the seeds.
  • (15:24) Getting the right soil.
  • (17:15) Why you usually. start sowing inside first.
  • (20:41) How to choose what to start planting.
  • (23:50) What you can grow all year round.
  • (25:00) How to manage surplus products.
  • (29:05) How to be creative if you don't have any land.
  • (33:09) Guerilla Gardening.
  • (34:25) Composting & feeding your plants.
  • (40:00) How to care for your food during a dry spell.
  • (43:30) Knowing what food needs vertical support.
  • (45:10) Planning for next year.

Don't forget to join the community Facebook group for more tips and to answer any questions!

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